How to use a ‘fake’ Facebook profile in Sri Lanka

June 5, 2021 0 Comments

A new social media tactic has been developed in Sri Lankan prisons by the state’s anti-terrorism squad that can be used by inmates to create fake profiles on Facebook to keep tabs on other prisoners.

The use of a fake Facebook account in Sri Leagu is a new tactic used by the Sri Lankans anti-terror squad to keep inmates’ numbers down.

The new tactic allows prisoners to keep up to 20 prisoners on the same Facebook profile and post a link to other inmates’ Facebook pages to boost their own number.

The tactic is particularly useful in cases where other prisoners are involved in violent attacks on prison staff or when prisoners are jailed on drug charges.

But it has also been used in cases of domestic violence and robbery.

A study by the Centre for Strategic Studies in New Delhi found that over the past year, Sri Lanka’s prison population had more than doubled, from 7,000 to nearly 21,000.

The report, which surveyed the prison population across the country, found that many Sri Lankas were using fake profiles to maintain the illusion of control over their surroundings and to control their numbers.

Sri Lankans have also used the technique to keep their numbers low, in order to increase their social capital, the report said.

The Centre for Security Policy said that Sri Lank’s prison numbers are growing because of the war against the LTTE, which has led to a rise in the number of political prisoners.

The LTTE has been in power since 2009.SRI LANKA: Answering the calls for more human rightsThe report said that in the past two years, there has been a rise of 5.6 per cent in Sri Luans number of prisoners on death row, a rise that has led Sri Lanka to become the second most dangerous country in the world after North Korea.

In a country with a population of more than 4 million people, more than half of whom are under the age of 30, more prisoners are on death rows than any other country.

Sudhir Makhija, the Sri Lanka director of Human Rights Watch (HRW), said that the Sri Lankans prison system was “not functioning” as the majority of its prisoners are sentenced for crimes including rape, kidnapping, drug trafficking and extortion.

“This means that the authorities have been able to imprison an increasing number of people for serious crimes like rape, armed robbery, murder, robbery and theft,” Makhijas report said in a statement.

“While the Sri Leagues prison system has been able, in many cases, to contain the growing numbers of prisoners, it has not been able in any meaningful way to stem the rising numbers of deaths and injuries to Sri Lankangans, particularly from prison staff and the general public.”

The report also found that the government had no plans to reduce the number or severity of prison deaths.

“There are still a number of cases of prisoners dying in Sri Leonean prisons as a result of hunger strike, and there is an ongoing risk of death or serious injury from starvation,” Mkhija said.

“There are also cases of cases where people are denied access to food due to a lack of adequate sanitation facilities.”

Ruling party: Sri Lanka has become a ‘satellite country’With the government in power, Sri Lank is a “satellite state” in a globalised economy, according to Human Rights Secretary Piyush Goyal.

“The country is a model of social and political progress, but has not achieved the full economic and social transformation that its citizens would like,” he said.

Sris Lankans prisons have also been criticised for their high levels of violence and abuse.

In 2015, the International Committee of the Red Cross condemned Sri Lanka for the high levels in violence and said it was “inherently cruel”.

Sri Sri Lanka is one of the most dangerous countries in the western world.

In 2016, it recorded a total of 1,846 executions.SOUTH AFRICA: Inmate death rate increases as country struggles to cope with EbolaThe death rate in South Africa’s prisons has increased by a staggering 10.8 per cent, the South African Bureau of Investigative Journalism reported in August.

In the first six months of 2016, the number was up from 1,093 to 1,160.

The government has vowed to increase its efforts to tackle the virus, and has launched a “zero-tolerance policy” to reduce deaths and improve conditions of confinement.SASHA KITIBAH: ‘The government needs to step up’Sanaa Kitahe, who leads the anti-Ebola campaign at Amnesty International, said that “the government needs an ambitious plan to deal with this virus, including reducing the number and severity of deaths in prisons, as well as reducing the prison overcrowding.”

She said that while she was not sure the government would be able to control the virus in the long term, it could work towards reducing its impact by ensuring a “human

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