Sri Lanka faces up to three years in jail for failing to register child abuse

June 20, 2021 0 Comments

Sri Lanka is facing a three-year jail term if it does not register every case of child abuse involving the country’s powerful ruling party.

It’s an extraordinary sentence given the government’s handling of the abuse crisis, including the arrest of prominent politicians and a court decision last month that declared a nationwide campaign to register cases.

“It is unacceptable that children are being used for political purposes by a political party,” said Justice Raju Gopalkrishnan.

The Supreme Court has now ruled that children must be registered in the country if a case of abuse involves them.”

We have a duty to register every single case.”

The Supreme Court has now ruled that children must be registered in the country if a case of abuse involves them.

The court has also ordered the government to implement a new national policy on child protection.

The government said it will make its child protection strategy public later this month, but did not give details.

Last week, the government said the plan would involve “further strengthening” child protection systems and a “more coordinated” approach to identifying and preventing child abuse.

“We want to protect children in the society and ensure that they are not exploited, but we are also looking at the social and political context,” Education Minister Mkhwati Mahathir said.

His government has been accused of failing to act in the face of the widespread abuse of children in Sri Lanka.

A government official told Reuters last week that police are searching for perpetrators of child sex abuse in the capital, Colombo.

Mahathir did not provide any further details.

But Mahathur said his government was working to “get rid of the child abusers”.

“We are not afraid to take the responsibility to protect our children.

We have no tolerance for violence and cruelty, we have to protect all children,” he said.

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