The New York Post: ‘New York’s First Gay City’ to open its gay bars

June 30, 2021 0 Comments

By KAREN BAKER The New Jersey Star-LedgerNew York City is celebrating its first gay bar, The New Orleans Tavern, at a cost of about $50 million, the newspaper said Friday.

The bar is expected to open later this year.

New Orleans, Louisiana, is known for its large, bustling gay community.

The city is home to the French Quarter, a gay destination for the wealthy and famous, and its gay population is thriving.

Its gay bars, bars and restaurants include a lesbian bar in the French Market, and the bars of the city’s most famous gay neighborhood, The Champs Elysees.

The restaurants of the gay enclave of Manhattan are a popular hangout, and gay bar owners are lining up to open bars in the city.

But for the most part, the gay bars in New York are small, independent establishments with very few customers.

There are two gay bars that have opened in New Orleans in recent years, and they have attracted attention.

The first, which opened in 2009, is called The New London Bar.

It’s a gay bar with an all-male staff.

It closed this month and has been the subject of a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union, which is seeking to evict the owners.

The lawsuit is in federal court in New London.

The second, The La Fayette, opened in 2010 and has a staff of six men and a female bartender.

The owner, Joe Bivens, said he hopes to reopen it next year.

He and his wife, Jane, are raising their five children in New Haven, Connecticut.

But they’re planning to open their first gay neighborhood bar, La Fawny, later this month.

The name is based on the first gay mayor of New Orleans, LaFayette, La., who died in 2004.

The New Orleans Bar, which will be named La Foy, is expected not to have a liquor license and will be open to the public.

It will have a large outdoor patio and bar.

There will also be a private bar on the second floor.

It is the first bar in New England to open under the banner of “New York Pride.”

The city has not yet approved a new gay bar license for New Orleans.

The mayor has said he plans to allow the city to have only a limited number of bars in a year, and has said New Orleans will continue to have its own bars.

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