When ‘JCI’ Is The Best Movie Ever: It’s a Sequel to ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ (And It’s All That’s Missing)

June 20, 2021 0 Comments

There’s been a lot of buzz about the potential sequel to JCI since the film was announced in February.

While many people have been waiting for a new Spider-man movie, many fans were left disappointed with the result.

While Sony has a lot riding on the success of the movie, the buzz is just as much about the quality of the story. 

“JCI” is a new take on the classic Spider-verse, and director Jaimy Palminteri has already made a few changes to the formula.

This new version focuses more on the webslinger’s relationship with his best friend Peter Parker, and while there are some elements of the original that will remain in the film, the overall tone is definitely different. 

The new version also has more characters to introduce, which could be a good thing for the franchise.

Peter’s friend Mysterio was one of the most beloved characters in the franchise, and the character will be brought back.

The new version will also feature more CGI, and more CGI effects, which will make the film more appealing to audiences who have yet to see the film.

There are also some new twists that will definitely make fans happy. 

JCI stars Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Laura Harrier, Michael Keaton, and Ben Kingsley.

 (Photo: Jaimziel/Paramount Pictures) “The Amazing Spidey” was released on July 21, 2018, and grossed $1.3 billion worldwide.

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