Why did Chelsea’s youth academy get so much bad press?

June 22, 2021 0 Comments

It’s been a long road for Chelsea’s academy, with the club’s first team set to leave Stamford Bridge for a new stadium to be built on the former site of the club.

Now, though, with Chelsea set to relocate to Stamford Bridge in 2019, the club has unveiled a range of initiatives to help build a future in England’s top tier.

Chelsea’s first-team academy is set to begin training in the new stadium in 2019Chelsea’s youth academies will begin training at Chelsea’s new training ground in 2019The club has announced that it will be bringing in new facilities for its youth academy.

The first-ever academy will be built at Stamford Bridge and will be operated by the Premier League champions’ academy.

The academy is expected to cost £10m and will house up to 30 players.

The Chelsea First Team will train at the new training facility in 2018Chelsea have also announced plans to develop and promote homegrown talent.

The club is looking to add around 1,500 young players to its ranks from next season, with new players coming through the academy.

Chelsea is also building a new youth academy at the Academy Park in London.

It will feature around 200 players from across the country.

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