How Sri Lanka has recovered from its flood crisis

July 4, 2021 0 Comments

In August 2018, the government declared a state of emergency in response to the worst flooding in the country’s history.

More than 12,000 people were killed and many thousands of homes destroyed by heavy rains.

On top of that, the economy has been badly hit by the floods.

The Government of Sri Lanka, which runs the country, is now facing a budget deficit of more than 2 billion dollars ($1.2 billion) and is currently seeking funds from international donors to finance its relief efforts.

As of the end of March, only 10 percent of the country was completely covered by the government’s relief efforts, according to the government.

As the government has made a big push to rebuild the country after years of war, it has faced a growing shortage of food, fuel, and other basic supplies.

So far, it is not clear how much aid will be able to help with its recovery efforts, or how long the country will have to wait for aid.

In the coming months, Sri Lanka is also likely to face a long-term crisis as it struggles to rebuild its infrastructure and infrastructure works. At the end

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