How to get Energize: Sri Lanka’s JCI’s latest investment plans

July 20, 2021 0 Comments

Sri Lanka will announce on Thursday its plans for the first phase of JCI Energy India Pvt.


(JCIEE) as it continues its plan to raise about $10 billion for projects such as power plants, roads, water and sewerage, the country’s largest power company said.

The company said it expects to invest in power plants and infrastructure projects worth at least $10.5 billion in the first half of 2018, with an investment of about $8.5 million for road, water, sewage, energy and sewerages.

Its main investment will be for power plants worth about $4.5 to $5 billion and $1.5-2 billion for roads and railways.

The government has committed $10-12 billion to the project, which it says will create jobs, spur investment in the private sector and bring back some of the people who have lost their jobs to the government.

In a statement, Sri Lanka Energy Minister Muthuraju Naidu said he expects to announce on Friday the company’s planned investments in its first phase.

“This will be the biggest investment to date, in terms of infrastructure and power projects, in Sri Lanka,” Naidutu said in the statement.

Naidu added that Sri Lanka has received a huge number of investments from international investors in infrastructure projects, including from China and the United States, adding that it is committed to invest at least that amount.

Sri Lanka Energy, which owns and operates about 50 power plants including three large ones, has invested about $20 billion in energy projects, he said.JCI Energy, the biggest private company in the country, plans to invest around $7 billion in power projects and other infrastructure projects and about $1 billion in projects to improve the countrys infrastructure, he added.

The company has been trying to raise the money through loans from private investors, including private banks.

In the last three years, the Sri Lankan government has provided about $100 billion in loans to the private banks and private companies to fund the government’s investments in the economy, the government said.

JCIEE has been financing its projects with its own funds, but the government has not been able to repay the loans.

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