How to use an iPhone to help flood victims

July 9, 2021 0 Comments


— I had never heard of a flood relief event.

But that’s exactly what I was invited to be a part of.

Flood relief events are often billed as a way to help people with the worst of the flooding.

But while the concept sounds good on paper, it has been criticized for not providing a comprehensive response.

The event, which is called a Bizmette Biz, was designed to help vulnerable residents and their family members.

It was held Monday, Aug. 6, at a hotel in south suburban Bizmeette.

The goal was to gather as many people as possible and to help with basic needs, such as shelter and food.

About 1,500 people came to the event, with a crowd of about 200 that could be seated around the pool table.

They were given a number of supplies and were encouraged to stay with friends and family.

When people arrived, there was a lot of confusion and anxiety.

There was a line out the door for people to get into their cars, but many were still unsure what to do, said Laura Sugg.

I was a little worried because I was not a very big fan of the event,” Sugg said.

There was a huge amount of confusion about what to expect, she said.

Some people were worried about being left behind or that there was going to be an accident.

“It’s a very important step, because this is our family. “

The next step is to get help and get out of there,” Sudders said.

“It’s a very important step, because this is our family.

And if things don’t work out, then we have no other options.”

Sudders and her friends had to make arrangements for family members to stay at their home while they were in town.

The group also took a bus to a nearby shelter to get them a place to stay, Sudds said.

They also had to take some time to collect supplies and get their food, which can be very hard, Sugg added.

People are not necessarily going to want to take the bus to another shelter, Sidds said, but it was still very important for them to get food and supplies.

While they did not know the exact size of the flood, Sigg said it could have been as much as 10 feet.

The group was also not sure how long it would take to get to the hotel.

It will be an hour or so, and there was also a lot to do while the people were waiting, Suck said.

“We don’t know when we’re going to get there, but we know that it’s not going to take us a whole lot of time,” she said, adding that she is very thankful that there were other people there.

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