How to win the battle against #Empowerslam in Sri Lanka

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By BRIAN SHANNON, AFP/Getty ImagesThe Bizmeet program is over.

As a result, the group’s latest event, an informal gathering of about 20 people, ended without a bang.

The last person to speak in the last hour of the program was the chief executive of the Bizworld, a small digital business incubator based in the capital, Colombo.

He was the only one who spoke, and his words were, as of this moment, more important than the actual event itself.

His voice, the only sign of the audience, was drowned out by the din of people cheering, singing and chanting.

For most of the event, BizWorld CEO Kiyomi Harada, whose company had raised $5.7 million to launch the program, had made his point.

The problem was that he was speaking in his own language, not Sri Lankan, and that’s not how the B-Schools program works.

As a result of the disruption, B-schools organizers decided to cancel their event.

Harada said that the problem was with his language, which was English.

“We’re all Sri Lankans,” he said.

“It’s not just the language that’s broken.

There’s a lot of problems in our culture that we need to work out.

I’m not saying we can’t do a program that is all English.

We can.

We just need to have more space to think about it.”

What’s a B- School?

A B- Schools program is an informal program where participants meet for about an hour and talk about topics that are important to them, including business and life in general.

The participants are not part of the larger organization and often don’t even know each other.

This allows the program to grow organically and, most importantly, keep the conversation alive.

It also allows for a more open environment for learning.

In other words, the program allows for conversations that are more open and more productive, rather than one that is closed and closed.

The idea of a B School is to give participants the opportunity to learn about a topic, learn about other people and build a stronger connection with them.

It allows participants to share information and find out about other programs, events and activities.

“What we do is, for a B school, you start with a question.

What is your business model?

What are your priorities?

Where do you stand in the world?” said Harada.

“The more that you ask, the more people will want to know.

This is a place where people can start to be heard.

B-School organizer Harada (left) with other members of the group (right) in Sri Lankuans’ capital Colombo on January 15, 2018.”

This is where you can learn and grow.”

B-School organizer Harada (left) with other members of the group (right) in Sri Lankuans’ capital Colombo on January 15, 2018.

A lot of the people who attended the program were younger than 30 years old, and they were also looking for some kind of an outlet to connect.

“I don’t want to be part of a program where everyone is like, ‘Oh, I want to go on a date with this girl,’ or ‘I want to meet this guy,'” said Harina.

“A B School, instead, is more of, ‘What are your goals and what are your hopes?’

That’s where the focus should be.”

In addition to learning about the subject of business, the B Schools program allows participants the chance to learn more about the wider Sri Lankanic culture and history, especially those of the Christian faith.

“Sri Lankan Christians have been a part of Sri Lanka for a long time, but now that there is a greater understanding of the history, it’s not only Christians who are learning about this country,” said Harinath Chaudhry, founder of B-Sanctuary.

“Sri Lankans also need to be able to understand the culture of Sri Lanki Muslims.

The more they can learn about this culture, the better.”

The B-Sites program was one of the first in a series of initiatives by B-sanctuary that aims to encourage more B- schools in Sri Lankas country.

ChaudHry said that she was looking forward to B-spaces in other parts of the country, like Kandy, where there are more B schools.

“That would be nice.

I don’t have any intention of going to a B Spaces or a B schools in other places,” she said.

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