When the floodwaters hit: A snapshot of the devastation in Jammu & Kashmir and its aftermath

July 30, 2021 0 Comments

Floodwaters have ravaged parts of Jammu&K, killing more than 100 people, displacing tens of thousands and causing damage to infrastructure in one of the most densely populated parts of the country.

A massive power failure and flood threat prompted a lockdown at a major border post in the state’s Jammu district, and the evacuation of thousands of people.

While the situation has improved, there are still areas of the Jammu region where heavy rainfall is predicted to cause severe disruption to public life, including at least five districts in the city of Jhelum, according to the Central Disaster Management Authority (CDA).

More than 40 million people live in areas affected by floods, with about 4.5 million people living in areas where the water is expected to surge in coming days.

Most of the affected areas are in Jhelu, a mountainous area of J&K. 

In addition to the flood threat, authorities in the Himalayan region of Ladakh have announced that the government is taking steps to build flood defences in several parts of Ladakhi.

This includes the construction of a dam in the Siyamal and Paryal districts of the Himalayas.

The government is also working on the creation of a reservoir on the Kargil plateau and has also requested that the authorities in Ladakh construct flood defences along the Brahmaputra River in the region, the CDA said.

The CDA has also said it is sending a team of experts to Ladakh to assess the water levels and damage to flood-prone areas, and is mobilising 1,200 experts to assess flood damage along the river.

CDA spokesman B.S. Balasubramanian said the agency has sent experts to Kargal and Ladakh on Thursday to assess how the situation will develop.

The authorities in neighbouring Nepal are also mobilising resources for the construction and maintenance of flood defences.

According to the CTA, a team from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has been dispatched to Nepal.

In India, the floods in the northeastern state of Uttar Pradesh are now being reported to the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF).

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