When the rain stopped, a child’s wish to get in touch with his dad

July 26, 2021 0 Comments

The water levels in Yerba Buena were so high, the city was flooded.

But for one 11-year-old boy who was forced to flee his house when the water receded, he still had a message for his father: “Come back, my daddy.”

For four days, he went by the name Kostas and lived with his mother in a remote village in northern Venezuela, in a place called Chocó.

“I was really scared, I was very scared.

My mother is a nurse, she was very weak, and she was crying all the time,” he said.”

But she said, ‘come back, you have to.

He started talking to his father, but Kostos never spoke.””

Kostas was in school when he arrived.

He started talking to his father, but Kostos never spoke.”

He started crying all of a sudden, he didn’t know what to do.

He couldn’t find anything to talk to me,” Kostats father told Al Jazeera.

The village had been devastated by the drought.

Kostases mother was a member of the local council, and Kostans father had a job as a farmer.

But Kostates father did not return home that day.”

He came back, he came back. “

He told me, ‘You know what, I need money, come back, come home’.”

He came back, he came back.

He went to my house and he cried and said: ‘my daddy, my father, my brother.’

“He had to say that to me and to his mother, and they told me to come back.”

Kostats mother died three days later.

Kosta was never seen again.

“When I got back to my village, I saw that my mother had died.

That was the last time I saw my father.”

A year later, Kostes mother died.

“We`re in a difficult situation, but at the same time, I love my mother very much.

I still love her.

I can see her every day,” Koster said.

The story of Kostatis father was a stark reminder to Kosta.

“That`s why I have my name on a flag that`s placed on the street.

My name is Kostita,” KOSTATAS father said.

Yerba was once a thriving farming village, with the city’s only hospital, a high school and a clinic, but it`s been damaged by drought.

Residents now live in overcrowded shantytowns, with a lack of access to water and sanitation.YERBA BUENA, Venezuela – For the past four days Yerbs father has been living in the makeshift shelter that his mother had provided for him.

His mother was also in the village.

The water in YERBA Buena, which has been receding since the rains stopped in March, has reached levels so high that the city of Yerbabu has been forced to evacuate.

Residents have been forced out of the village as they have nowhere else to go.

The water level in Yercabu is also at record highs.

“The government said it would evacuate us, but they don`t want to evacuate us,” said 14-year old Kostatas father.

“Now they say that they will evacuate us but they will take us with them, so I don`ts know what will happen.

I don’t know when the evacuation will start.”

Residents have already been relocated to the nearby village of Alvadado, but the lack of water and the inability to get the villagers to pay for their water and food have left many of them without any money.

In Yerbal, Kosta`s mother was killed when he was just 11.

“She was a nurse.

She was very strong, she fought for me.

She taught me how to cook, she taught me to use a knife, she showed me how good a father she was.

She saved my life,” Kostic said.

Now he is left with a broken heart, and a desperate need for help.

“Why can`t my mother go back?

She should have been with me,” he asked.

“Why can’t she go back and get help?

My mom should have seen me when I was a child.”

The family has been trying to find ways to help their mother, who is a former military policeman.

The government has also said it is preparing to evacuate the town.

“They`re not talking about evacuating, they`re just telling us that we have to stay here because the water is going up.

We have to find some shelter, we`re going to go to the shelters, and we`ll be back to the village tomorrow,” Ks father said

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