Canada’s e-voting machine will cost $2.4M

By Jessica Hischemann Canada’s first electronic voting machine, which was designed to be easy to use and secure, will cost more than $2 million and will cost roughly one-fifth of what was originally budgeted for it.

The $2,600 machine is being built in the U.S. for Elections Canada and the Federal Election Commission, according to Elections Canada.

It’s expected to be in operation by the end of this year, said spokeswoman Jennifer Pfeifer.

“It will be a cost effective solution to a very challenging problem, and we are confident that it will provide Canadians with more accurate and reliable voting results,” Pfeefer said.

The new machine, designed to replace the current paper ballot, will be used in Canada’s provincial and territorial elections, which are scheduled to begin in 2019.

The machines will also be used for municipal and provincial elections.

The Federal Election Campaign Act allows the government to purchase voting machines, but it only allows the purchase of equipment if it is under government control and if there is a competitive bid.

Elections Canada says it is looking for a supplier who can provide the necessary expertise to ensure the machines are safe and secure.

Elections will be held in advance of the federal election, and in some cases will be conducted in advance, with the machines available to voters in the final days of voting.

Electronic voting machines are used in about 70 per cent of Canadian elections, including for provincial and municipal elections.

They have the potential to provide a reliable and efficient voting process.

Elections Canada says about 2.2 million Canadians use electronic voting machines.

The federal government has said it plans to buy 1,600 of the machines.

A further 1,800 are being tested in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador and Ontario.

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