How to beat the stigma of having a child: how the world’s oldest child is raising her own kids

AUSTRALIA’S oldest child has been raising her kids with a healthy balance of love and stress, despite the stigma that surrounds birth.

The oldest child of American author Margaret Bourke-White and Australian writer Richard McLean, who died in 2017, is now 43 years old.

Melissa is a single mum with her children, ages six and five.

“My family and I were very open about the fact that we were raising her alone.

We weren’t expecting any special treatment,” Ms Bourke’s mother, Barbara Bourke, said.

In 2014, her husband, Richard, became the first person in Australia to be granted full parental leave entitlements.

Since then, Ms Bourkes has been able to spend a lot of time with her family and the youngest child, who is just five months old.

“She’s really grown up, and I’m really happy with that,” Ms McLean said.

“It’s nice to have that space with her, and the fact she’s not being held back by any parent in the world, especially as an older child.”

That’s the main thing that I miss about her, that she’s being herself, she’s learning and growing.

“Ms Bourke is also very open with her mother about her new-found independence.”

I think it’s really important that her friends know that she doesn’t want to be locked in, she doesn.

She’s doing the best she can, but she’s also making sure that her mom doesn’t have to,” Ms McMillon said.

She said her daughter has been given the option to work full-time if she wants to, and if she doesn, they can still have dinner together.”

If she wanted to go to work, she could, and that’s her choice, and she’ll make the best of it,” Ms McIntosh said.

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