How to get a Sri Lankan visa to visit Australia

The first thing you need to know about visa applications in Sri Lanka is that it’s not the same as going to Australia for business or pleasure.

But there are still some commonalities and some big differences to make your trip as smooth as possible.

What is a Sri Lanka visa?

A Sri Lanka tourist visa is valid for two years and can be extended by a year for a third.

For business or tourist purposes, the visa can be renewed for a further two years.

The visa can also be renewed up to three times, with up to two years of validity.

The length of the validity is up to the visa holder’s discretion.

What do you need for a Sri Lankan visa?

For your business or leisure purposes, you need: a business visa valid for up to six months (up to five business days) to travel to Sri Lanka and to visit any of the 12 designated locations in Sri Lankans national parks and the nearby national beaches and islands, as well as all of the tourist areas within those designated areas, including the designated beaches and beaches.

You also need to have a passport or identity card that shows you are a Sri lankan citizen.

You need a visa to enter and exit the country, which will help you access visas and visa-processing facilities in Sri Lanksi.

What are the other requirements?

The visa requirements are as follows: the visa application must be made by a SriLankan official or authorised agent.

You must be at least 21 years old, have lived in SriLanksi for three months, and have passed a criminal record check.

You can apply for a visa in person, but you must submit your visa application online.

You will be required to provide information such as: your name and address, your name, date of birth, and last four digits of your social security number.

The name of your employer or company, and their contact details, should also be supplied.

Your passport or ID card must also be provided.

You have to provide proof of your identity, and that you have passed an immigration check.

What should I do if I need a Srilankan tourist visa?

If you do not meet the above requirements, you can get a non-Sri Lankan tourist tourist visa at a SriKlanki Visitor Centre.

If you want to get your visa online, you will need to submit the following documents: a copy of your passport or other identification, including your birth certificate, birth date and date of death, a copy the original application for a non Australian visa or travel document (in case you do have a Sri visa), and a passport number.

If your passport number is not current, you should contact the Sri Lanki Embassy in Australia to request one.

You may also contact the Australian Consulate General in SriKlassi, and they will provide you with the necessary documents.

The embassy can also help you with visa applications for other non-Australian countries.

There are two ways to apply online: the first is to download a form, then fill it out on the website of the visa office.

Alternatively, you may visit the SriLanka Visitor Centres on foot or by car to apply.

Where do I find more information about visa requirements?

To find more details about Sri Lankese tourist visas, please visit the Australian Embassy in Sri Klassi.

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