How to help Flood Relief and other emergency relief efforts

Flood Relief will take place from Friday to Sunday in the greater Phoenix area.

This is the first time it has been conducted at this time of year in Arizona.

Flood Relief is the largest emergency relief effort in the United States and is being conducted by the U.S. Department of the Interior, the U, and the Department of Justice, with the assistance of the Department, the Navajo Nation, the United Way of the Southwest, and local governments.

It will provide essential services including food, shelter, health care, and other basic needs.

The first $1 billion in federal disaster relief will be used to provide food assistance to those most in need.

More details are available here.

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) will be in place in the Phoenix area for the duration of the disaster.

For the first two weeks of the emergency, NFIP will be available to those who have NFIP coverage but cannot access it through other means.

Flood Insurance will also be available in the Arizona and Nevada border counties.

The National Flood Protection System will be activated in the affected areas.

In the first few days of the flood, residents should expect to have difficulty getting around due to the lack of public transportation, and they should also be prepared to be stranded for weeks or months due to extreme weather conditions.

In addition, many businesses are closed due to high water levels, and there is limited access to drinking water and power. 

For more information on flood relief, visit or call 480-488-5100.

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