How to help Sri Lanka as the country struggles to deal with the flooding crisis

August 7, 2021 0 Comments

Flood relief efforts have been ramping up across Sri Lanka after heavy rains killed at least 100 people across the island, and authorities are bracing for more.

The government says there are more than 400,000 houses damaged or destroyed, and that it is working to rebuild.

The country has also announced it will spend a total of $1.8 billion on relief efforts.

The flooding is a crisis that has affected the entire country and people are struggling to rebuild homes and businesses in areas hit hardest by the floods.

Here are a few things you need to know about flooding in Sri Lanka: 1.

Most people have been evacuated from their homes because of the flooding.

However, some communities remain at risk because they remain vulnerable to flooding from torrential rains.

People are asked to evacuate during floods 2.

Residents of towns are now forced to return to their homes due to lack of access to water 3.

There are also reports of looting and other crimes.

But there is little information on the extent of the looting, nor what happened to the property.

There is no information on how many people have died, nor how many homes have been destroyed.


Some residents of coastal areas have been forced to seek shelter in boats.


Some communities are now using food as a lifeline in the flood-hit areas.

Residents are advised to prepare for food shortages 6.

There have been reports of children being exposed to water and air pollution.


Sri Lanka has announced that it will start the country’s largest flood relief operation in a year, which is expected to cost $1 billion.


The flood relief efforts are not over.

Authorities have warned that the government will be preparing for more floods.

Floods in Sri Lankan cities are expected to continue for months and have the potential to kill more than 100,000 people, according to the UN.

Here is a timeline of the floods and how to help: 1:15 p.m.

Sri Lankans have been told to prepare to evacuate from their houses because of flooding in their districts.

Flood waters have washed away some homes and some businesses.

Some of the hardest-hit coastal areas are in western Tamil Nadu state.

Residents in those areas are asked not to return.

The Tamil Nadu government has also said that it intends to build more dams in some areas.

Some schools in the coastal areas will also be closed for the next few days.

The situation in the capital is expected “to deteriorate significantly,” according to an official at the Disaster Management Department.

Officials are warning of “a significant increase in the frequency and intensity of rainfall,” and there is a possibility that it could continue for “several months.”

2:20 p.o.

The Sri Lankian Civil Defence has advised people to seek refuge in boats during the flooding as they are vulnerable to the risk of being washed away by the waters.

3:00 p.p.

Officials in Chennai have warned of a “significant increase in flooding” in the city and advised people not to venture out.

4:00 a.m.-5:30 a.p, flood water is still rising and is now pouring into some parts of the city.

A flood-prone area in the western coastal district of Kandy has been flooded and residents are urged to stay indoors.

Water is pouring into a small park in a village in the eastern coastal district.

Floodwaters are now flooding into homes and schools.

Residents have been advised to evacuate.

5:00-6 a.n.

People in parts of Tamil Nadu have been ordered to evacuate to safer areas because of a possible rise in water levels in the sea.

The district’s Deputy Chief Minister and the Chief Minister of Kannur district have urged people to leave their homes.

There was also a large-scale evacuation order issued for parts of Chennai and parts of Karnataka.

Officials have warned people to stay away from flood waters.

Flood water is also spreading in parts for parts in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Floodwater is now spilling over the rooftops of homes and other buildings in Chennai.

Officials say there is “an increased risk of landslides” in some parts in the Chennai area.

Flooding is now spreading in many parts of Bengaluru and parts in Mumbai.

Officials warned people not move into areas of high water.

Flood-prone areas have also been flooded in Chennai and elsewhere.


Authorities are advising people to return home in the coming hours and hours and to “take precautions” in case they need to go to safer parts of their homes, especially those in coastal areas.

Flood damage in parts in Chennai, Bangalore, and parts near Mumbai has increased.

Authorities also warned of landslisions.

Authorities in the Tamil Nadu capital, Chennai, have urged residents to stay inside as they have flooded their homes in areas under their control.

There has been heavy flooding in some coastal areas in the west of the state.

Flooded homes and homes in some homes have collapsed in the Kandy region of

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