Indian Tech Startup TOYP: Bizmeet is a Social Entrepreneurship Summit – TOYP

August 9, 2021 0 Comments

TOYP is a unique and exciting Indian tech startup.

The company was founded by four friends who are all tech entrepreneurs.

All the founders are working on different ventures with different goals.

The goal is to create a community where they can learn from each other and grow as individuals.

They have a strong vision of making their business more accessible to the public and are committed to improving quality of life for the community.

The team has created a social entrepreneurship summit to promote their vision of a better India and the mission of TOYP.

TOYP founder and CEO, V K Ramaswamy, said, “Our mission is to empower the community with a social and creative agenda that makes them happy.

To do this, we want to raise the bar of entrepreneurship and create a platform where we can meet, learn, work together and share ideas.”

TOYP’s vision for the summit is to inspire the community and help them become leaders in their respective fields.

TOYS team has partnered with the government of India to set up a program that will give away free and low cost software to the community for three months.

TOYP has also partnered with a non-profit organization called Makers and Makers to provide free tools to local businesses to create their own software.

The organization, known as Makers India, is a non profit organisation that provides free and affordable hardware and software to local startups.

The Makers program has already received the help of several non-profits.

The program will be extended to more than 150 businesses across India to build on the idea.

To get involved in the program, visit the website and fill out the online application.

To be eligible, one needs to meet the following requirements:   •Be a registered student with an undergraduate degree in IT or a related field.

 You can also apply as an individual or as a group of people to join the Morsh program.

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