The ‘next big thing’ is about to be born: Teenagers’ creative output on Twitter

August 9, 2021 0 Comments

Posted November 13, 2018 17:33:28A lot of teens use social media to express themselves and socialise with their friends, but some are also experimenting with their own content on the platform.

According to data from the Twitter data platform, there are now more than 5,000,000 tweets in the Teenagers & Gen X (T&G) section of the platform, up from 2,500,000 in August 2017.

Of the total, nearly 1.5 million tweets were written by T&G, with around half of them by teenagers and millennials.

The data shows that around 2.3 million of these tweets are written by teens, while more than 800,000 of them are written to young adults.

“We know that tweens and young adults are the most engaged users on Twitter.

And we think this is a sign that social media platforms are moving away from the static model where they focus on one age group and only focusing on a few of them,” says Katie Bewig, the head of research at Twitter.”

It’s about building new ways to connect with people from all different backgrounds, and we want to enable them to have a voice and share their thoughts and experiences.”

The growth in tween engagement with their posts is a clear sign of a digital revolution in the youth market, which has seen an influx of tweens in the past few years.

The tweens trend began in 2016 when the hashtag #tweetisntfornicers started trending on Twitter, and the term #tweenspeak emerged in early 2017.

The trend began with tweets from teens expressing themselves in tweets about issues they were passionate about.

The term was also used by young adults, particularly in their teens, to express their feelings on social issues such as bullying and racism.

“Tween culture is a very powerful and exciting thing.

But the best way to make it happen is to create a space where teens can have a space to express that.

And Twitter is the perfect platform for that,” Ms Beweg says.

The hashtag trend was popularised by a series of posts from the teenage blogger @bizzybooze on Twitter in 2017.

Ms Bewiegs says tweens have a strong connection to the world of social media.

“The idea of having a space for young people to share their experiences with their peers is very important.

And this is something that I think we’re starting to see a lot more of in the T&Gs section of Twitter,” she says.

Tween engagement on Twitter is now at its highest level since the early 2000s.

This is because Twitter is increasingly catering to tweens, says Ms Bevinson, adding that the platform has also started to cater to older users.

“Twitter is getting more and more mature and the way that we work with them is much more sophisticated and the type of conversations that they want to have,” she explains.

“When I look at our Twitter content strategy and how we are working with tweens now, I think that we are seeing a lot of things that are a little bit more mature.”

Tween-centric content has been a big trend in recent years, particularly on Instagram.

As a result, T&GC and T&GB tweets have also become more prominent on Instagram, with many more young people tweeting about their interests.

“I think we are starting to look at tweens as more of a mainstream audience,” Ms Kinsley says.

“There are a lot fewer tweens posting their Tweets on Instagram than there used to be, so it is a new space for people to have more access to their content.”

T&GC tweens are more likely to be female and younger than other users, according to Ms Bewsig, with one in three T&GF tweets being written by a tween.

She says that there is also an emphasis on making content accessible to young people, and that Twitter is also showing it is more sensitive to this demographic.

“A lot more young and young-ish people are writing Tweets about their life experiences and their experiences around bullying and harassment.

And I think it’s just about connecting with those voices and using them in a very respectful way,” she said.

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