What India’s farmers need to know about agro-ecosystems

The latest edition of the Crop Improvement Report 2016, published on Tuesday, outlines the agroecosmodification landscape in India and highlights key issues.

The report has been prepared by the State-run Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and is based on data from farmers and agrochemists from across the country.

In the report, India’s agrochemical sector accounts for around 1.25 lakh crores.

The country is currently the world’s fifth largest exporter of agrofuels and the biggest exporter to the US, China and Brazil.

India’s agricultural sector is also responsible for around one third of the world agroeconomic output.

However, there are a few areas where there are challenges and challenges remain.

In India, we have the world second highest concentration of landlocked farmers and an area of 2.75 lakh croft.

This means that nearly 70 per cent of the farmers are trapped in areas that are not suited to their needs.

Farmers also suffer from the lack of infrastructure and access to water resources.

This lack of access can be an obstacle to their productivity.

Agroecological development in India is also highly dependent on land.

While India’s land base is currently less than 1.3 million hectares, its agricultural area is about 5.3 lakh hectares.

The land base also remains limited by its geographical location.

This has resulted in the lack in land access, which is the most pressing issue.

In addition, the land is highly sensitive to erosion and climate change.

Agricultural infrastructure is a major challenge for the Indian agro sector.

In fact, more than a third of all agricultural production is conducted on private land and the number of private land plots in the country has doubled in the last 20 years.

According to the World Bank, only 10 per cent (0.25 million hectares) of the Indian agricultural land is cultivated in private hands.

India is therefore the only major country in the world where private ownership of agricultural land has not been integrated into its land tenure laws.

The IISc has been in contact with the Government of India to identify the agricultural land that needs to be developed and is therefore eligible for conversion to private ownership.

To this end, the IIS c has proposed to create a Land Transformation Task Force that would help develop a land conversion policy for the agri-ecological sector.

The plan will also facilitate conversion of agricultural lands from private to public ownership.

India has a relatively small and fragmented agroeconomy, and it has long been a major importer of biofuels, particularly ethanol.

It is also a major exporter, with almost 70 per of all exports of biofuel to the world, and around 90 per cent being consumed domestically.

However, in recent years, the country’s food and beverage exports have begun to decline.

India has one of the highest rates of sugar consumption in the region, as well as the second highest consumption of ethanol.

In recent years the government has introduced a sugar tax, aimed at reducing the consumption of sugar.

The government has also taken steps to tackle the growing obesity epidemic, which has become a major public health problem.

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