Google’s Sri Lanka-based ‘sugar daddy’ pays $1.4 billion to buy Indian company

A $1 billion deal to buy an Indian startup that makes sugar for the sugar industry has raised some eyebrows.

India-based SugarPharm was founded in 2016 by Ramesh Gajapathi Rajendran.

It is a technology company that helps sugar producers make and distribute their sugar in Sri Lanka.

It is now part of Google’s India-based subsidiary, Alphabet.

The deal, according to Reuters, is worth $1,857 million.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“Sugar is a commodity and the company needs to be able to distribute and sell its products in India,” Gajappathi Rajen said in a statement.

SugarPharm has been making sugar for years in Sri Lankan fields and is one of the largest sugar producers in the country.

But it was not until the mid-2000s that it became profitable.

At the time, India’s government was grappling with a growing sugar crisis.

The country has been in a sugar-fuelled famine, with the death toll on its soil and food supply, according the World Health Organization.

The country produces about a third of the world’s supply of sugar, and it has suffered from drought and climate change.

According to Reuters:The company was founded by Gajpal, who is also a partner at global investment firm Fidelity, and has been operating in Sri Lanka since the mid 2000s.

The two men said in their statement that they were interested in working together in a long-term partnership and were pleased to be working with Alphabet and Google to bring this to market.

Sri Lanka’s sugar production is one the world has struggled with, as the country has a population of more than one million and a growing population.

The economy is highly dependent on sugar exports, and its industry has seen steep price increases in recent years.

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