How a startup is creating a “solution” for autism

I’ve been working with an autistic kid for the past four years, and she’s not happy with the way she interacts with me.

She wants to know what makes me tick, and that’s about it.

This past spring, my team and I started a pilot program to connect her with autistic people at a local library, and we’ve been meeting with other local schools, colleges, and tech companies in an effort to help our community learn about autistic kids.

We’re trying to figure out how to help autistic people find the right resources for their lives, and a major part of that is connecting them with people who know autism.

So far, we’ve had some success, and I’ve had my own breakthrough moments with this program.

I met with a school administrator who said he was amazed at my ability to communicate effectively with autistic kids, and it’s helped me feel more comfortable talking to kids who might not be able to speak English.

We’ve been able to learn from each other.

I’m a social butterfly, so I love to talk to kids, even when it means I have to take them somewhere.

The program is called Empowering Autism, and its goal is to connect autistic kids to the people who can help them with their day-to-day problems.

The idea is to build an accessible space for autistic people to gather, share, and connect with other autistic people who are also autistic, so they can get help with their life.

While the pilot program is still in its infancy, the school and other autistic community members are really enthusiastic about the project, and have been very supportive.

A lot of the people involved have autism themselves, and they’re really supportive of the idea of connecting autistic people with other people who might be able help them.

The pilot program will continue, but its a big step toward creating a more inclusive community for autistic kids in the Bay Area.

Empowerments is an initiative run by the American Foundation for Autism, a nonprofit dedicated to finding and developing solutions for autism, and aims to help people with autism “understand their autism better.”

What you need to know about autism The most common signs of autism include: Inattention or hyperactivity, and the ability to learn or perform tasks at an impaired level.

Difficulty in social interactions and social skills.

Disabilities that affect communication, such as speech, hearing, and balance.

Learning disabilities that include difficulties in social interaction and social abilities.

Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), which can include autism, Asperger’s syndrome, and pervasive developmental disorders.

People who struggle with communication, social skills, and repetitive behaviors.

Many of these symptoms can be associated with autism.

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