How the @EmpOWERment Bizmeet became a viral hit

ESPN CriLinks The #EmpowersBiz Meet went viral last week after the first event was held at the iconic New York City hotel where the Biz meet was held in April of 2018. 

Biz meets are a huge social media phenomenon in China, and in the days leading up to the event, many Chinese social media users posted pictures of themselves at the venue to promote the event. 

Many Chinese users took to Sina Weibo to voice their opinions about the event: “Why is there so much love for #EspowersBike Meet?” asked one Sina WeChat user.

“I think that the Chinese people really love it, but the problem is that they do not have time to attend the events,” another user posted.

“I have to attend this meeting.

The only thing I can do is watch it,” wrote another.

Some fans even went as far as to tweet photos of themselves attending the event and posted them to their Weibo accounts. 

“I love it.

It’s so much fun and exciting to see the Chinese crowd cheering for the event,” one user posted on Weibo. 

One person even wrote a blog post about attending the Bikesmeet:  “I am attending the #EnergizerBizMeet for the first time.

I feel really excited.

It was the first ride for the ride sharing app, I love to see it and I am excited for the future of the ride share app in China.

And the bike share service has so many exciting things in store for us all, so I am looking forward to it.””

What’s really great about this event is that it is an opportunity to meet people who are very excited to participate in this ride sharing and sharing technology,” wrote one user on WeChat.

“They are looking forward for this ride, and they’re willing to do anything to participate.”

“The #BizMeeting has a lot of exciting and fun things in the works for the next five years,” added another.

“The Biz Meet will become the new China’s next great social media event.”

While the #Bismill meet was one of the most popular rides of the year, many other rides like the #ChineseBikeShare and #BikeChat are gaining popularity, and have attracted thousands of participants since the event was announced.

At the moment, it is unclear how many participants attended the event so far, and how many were able to ride in the event itself. 

A BizMeet is a social media platform in which users post their own photos and videos of themselves on the platform, and users can also upload their own rides, which can then be shared with other members of the same community. 

While it is not possible to predict the number of participants at the #SinaWeChatBiz meet due to the limited number of photos uploaded, Chinese social network Weibo claims that between 2,000 and 4,000 people attended the first #SINAWeChat ride, which was held on August 29.

Other events like #Bikespeak, #Bishun, and #ChinaWorldTour have gained a lot more popularity in recent years, but only time will tell if these events are gaining in popularity as well.

While the event may have garnered quite a bit of support, it has also raised a lot in controversy and criticism from Chinese social networks, as well as from other social media platforms.