How the Trump administration is turning youth outreach into a corporate PR coup

In an effort to boost enrollment, the Trump Administration is launching a “Youth Engagement” initiative in the states that could potentially help boost participation in the 2020 elections.

The program is set to kick off with an event called “Trump Youth,” a “virtual youth-focused event that will include a live audience, interactive presentations and hands-on learning about how youth can make a difference,” according to the website for the “Trump Initiative.”

The “Yentopia” event is being coordinated by the Trump Presidential Transition and will feature a host of youth, community leaders and organizations, including the National Youth Alliance, the New America Foundation, the Young Invincibles, and the American Friends Service Committee.

A spokesperson for the Trump Initiative told the New York Times that the “YU” event would be an “exclusive showcase of the administration’s strategic plans for youth outreach.”

The initiative was first announced on June 24 by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who noted the “unique opportunity to provide youth with the resources and experience they need to make an impact in the United States and around the world.”

The New York Daily News reported that the Trump Youth event will feature “a virtual youth-centric event that we believe will generate excitement, excitement, and energy in the youth community, while empowering them to create meaningful change and impact on the world around them.”

The event is expected to include “more than 60 leaders from across the nation and beyond, including leaders from local nonprofit organizations, youth-serving organizations, civic and religious organizations, local universities, and faith-based organizations.”

According to a spokesperson for TOYP, the event will “invite attendees to participate in interactive educational, civic engagement, and civic engagement workshops and discussions that will lead to the sharing of ideas and information about the opportunities youth face today and how they can make meaningful difference in the world and beyond.”

TOYP CEO and President Mark B. Ricks told the Times that he believes that the event is part of a larger effort to “provide a broader, holistic, and holistic view of youth engagement” through the administration.

The event comes as TOYP and its allies have launched a new effort, “Y-Rated,” which aims to promote “youth-focused programs, products, and services that promote positive social change and serve as an effective voice for youth.”

The group is calling on youth across the country to attend a “free and fun event,” with attendees being asked to bring their own personal, non-perishable food to be donated to a local food bank.

The organization has already hosted two youth-driven events in New York City, which have drawn about 1,200 attendees, according to TOYP’s official website.

“We’re excited to bring the opportunity for our youth to experience our program, and to engage in community building and learning,” Bizmeet CEO Matthew Kibler told the Daily News.

“The Trump administration has shown itself to be incredibly supportive of youth.

They are willing to listen, to listen and to listen to us and to see what we’re doing.

We have an opportunity here to really bring people together, and it’s an opportunity to connect with people and really create a community.”

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