How to keep yourself sane while playing for Sri Lanka in 2019

How to stay sane while living in a world that has been given to you by your own parents?

The next four years have been a journey.

The first four are not going to be easy for any Sri Lankan.

They are going to have to deal with the consequences of the Sri Lankans inability to win any World Cup and also the impact of the pandemic.

The Sri Lank teams have struggled for most of the World Cup but there are positives and negatives to be found.

The positives are that there are a lot of players who are playing well and that the team is playing the way it has to.

The positives are the players that have played well in a lot more games than others.

The team is doing well at the moment.

The negatives are that the players who have not been playing well are getting a bit tired.

They have been in Sri Lanka for three months now and they are still not playing the best cricket they can.

There are some positives.

There is a sense of optimism.

It is a different situation with the Sri Lanka team now that they have a World Cup to play and with an international tour coming up.

I would like to give some credit to the players.

They were playing really well before the pandemics hit.

The players were all doing really well in training.

But they were not playing well enough and that is a bit of a disappointment.

There was a time in the last few weeks where the players were playing well but then there was a lot to think about and that was a problem for them.

Now the players are getting back to normal and playing their best cricket.

That is something that is good.

The fact that they are playing the right way, they are not getting tired.

The biggest problem I have is that the cricket is still not progressing as well as we would like.

The way the players have been playing in Sri Lank, they haven’t had the chance to play with the ball for a long time.

That has meant they have not done enough.

We are still missing some of our best players.

The way the ball is being played is different to what we were used to.

I have always thought that a bowler should not bow with the spin off the ball.

If you bow with a ball that is fast, then you are not bowling hard.

You are not able to bowl as fast.

But if you bow it off the back of a spin, then the ball moves in a different way.

It has changed the way the game is played.

There is a problem in the batting too.

The batting is the problem.

There are a couple of good batsmen and we still have the best bowling in the world.

We still have a lot left in the team.

But the batting has not improved as much as I would like it to.

We have to work hard and we have to play as well.

I think that’s the main thing we need to focus on.

I have a problem with the bowling.

I feel we have been missing a bit in the field.

We have a couple more batsmen than I thought we would have.

It was very disappointing.

We still have three bowlers in our squad, but we have lost a couple who were really important in the first-class game.

We had to rely on the fielding.

The bowling has not been good enough.

I want to work on that.

The rest is up to the coaches.

We are still in the World T20 and there is a World T10 final.

The big thing is that we are trying to prepare for that.

We want to make sure that we get a good result in the tournament.

I would not say that the last game against India was a failure.

I just think that we have not played the best ball in our group.

That was a good game.

The bowlers have worked hard and the batting is doing very well.

We hope to get the best result in our first match.

If the batsmen have given us good feedback, we should not give up.

I hope that we will get a great result in these final three games and that we can win the series.

I am happy with the batting.

We need to improve.

We cannot win everything we have done so far.

We know how hard we have worked for this World Cup.

We should not take any more of a risk by making any errors.

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