Tech titan: Apple should buy AT&T

The tech titan Apple Inc. has begun a search for a new owner for its flagship telecom business.

The company has been struggling to sell its $67 billion in assets, including the $20 billion acquisition of DirecTV, as it looks to expand beyond the wireless space.

The search for an acquisition will focus on acquisitions in the mobile and wireless services areas, Apple said in a statement.

AT&T is currently looking for a buyer to take on its $36 billion in debt and stock.

“Our strategy is to invest aggressively in new businesses and products that create value for our shareholders and accelerate our turnaround,” Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said in the statement.

“This includes an aggressive focus on the growth and value creation of our businesses and their new services and products, which we believe will accelerate our transformation to a more sustainable, sustainable, and global company.”

The deal, which is expected to close in the first quarter of 2021, could be worth as much as $10 billion to AT&S, according to Bloomberg.

Apple’s acquisition of AT&V, the company’s third-largest cable company, is the latest acquisition by a tech giant, joining Google and Amazon.

The AT&C deal is a boon for Apple, which owns DirecTv, Viacom and other cable companies.

It also gives Apple a significant stake in the streaming service Netflix, which Apple says is a critical source of revenue for its business.

As the market for cable subscriptions continues to shift away from pay TV, Apple has become a popular buyer for streaming services.

AT &V’s sale has been seen as a sign of the industry’s changing dynamics.

In March, AT&G said it had raised $8.5 billion from a consortium of banks, including Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank, in an effort to increase the size of its DirecTTv portfolio.

AT Kearney has also been interested in acquiring AT&AT for a while.

The AT&B deal, by contrast, has been viewed as a strategic move by Apple to take control of the video streaming service.

Since the merger, AT &ltd has been expanding its reach into wireless, with Direc TV and Direc Wireless now owned by AT&s subsidiaries, and it is also acquiring Sprint, which has been a major cable provider.

While AT&ltd is already the largest wireless company in the United States, it still operates only in New York City.

AT&amp!s plan to purchase Direc is a significant deal for AT> its cable unit has been losing subscribers.

The carrier has been shedding subscribers, and AT&amobile has struggled to compete with AT&c’s other satellite and wireless competitors.

AT and AT >s cable businesses have been merged since 2005, but there are fears that the combined companies will be worse for consumers, with AT &amobile likely to lose customers.

AT&ttc also is a major carrier in Europe, which AT&nt is looking to acquire.

DirecTV was acquired by Charter Communications for $65 billion in 2013.

ATTR is the largest U.S. cable provider by subscribers.

AT’s other cable unit, AT, is owned by Comcast, which it bought in 2016.

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