Flood relief in WA expected as flood risk rises

More than 70,000 people have been told to leave their homes, while more than 11,000 have been evacuated, as floodwaters continue to surge in parts of Victoria and South Australia.

More than 4,000 homes were affected in the state, while the Federal Government has warned that more homes could be affected.

More:Flooding has been reported in the WA coast and some inland areas, but authorities said it was too early to declare the situation to be emergency.

“There’s been a lot of rainfall in the last few days and there’s been some flooding and a lot more rain coming down the north-west and into south-west Victoria,” Acting Chief Commissioner John Ralston said.

Floods are a real threat. “

We have got the forecast for the weekend and it will continue to get better.”

Floods are a real threat.

If they come we will have to take them, but we need to get some water out of them.

“We don’t want them to get out there, we just need to make sure they are getting water out.”

More: More rain expected in the West Coast and in the south-east, as the state braces for the worst.

“I would be shocked if we didn’t see a lot fewer flood events in the next few days,” Mr Ralstone said.

Flood risk in WA is increasingMore:The state has been hit by more than 20 severe weather events in just the past year, including the massive floods that forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes in the 2016/17 winter.

“The weather system is extremely complex and we are in the process of understanding how it works and how it responds to the extreme weather,” Acting Deputy Chief Commissioner Michael Moore said.

“So we have to get our heads around how to deal with it.”

That’s what we’re working on.

“Floodwaters in Victoria are now at their highest level in decades, with more than 1,500 homes submerged and at least 14,000 properties destroyed, the state’s Emergency Management Department said.

The department warned people to evacuate immediately and said it would be “extremely difficult” to provide assistance to those without flood insurance.”

If you are unable to move or are unable or unwilling to move and have an existing flood insurance policy, you should consider using a flood insurance product that is suitable for your situation,” the department said.

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