Sri Lanka: ‘It’s the beginning of a long and arduous journey’

In a world still reeling from Superstorm Sandy, Sri Lanka is still in shock over the devastation wrought by Superstorm Haiyan in 2017.

The country is still reeling over the fact that more than 500,000 people have lost their lives in the devastating storm, while hundreds of thousands more have been displaced. 

With no official figures yet, Sri Lankans still don’t know exactly how many of the country’s nearly 100,000 dams have failed due to the Superstorm, nor do they know how many people have been killed due to flooding. 

The government has said that the death toll from the floods is expected to rise to more than 30,000, but Sri Lankan government sources have said that toll may be even higher. 

Despite this, hundreds of volunteers are still out in the fields collecting water samples for Sri Lanka’s National Disaster Response Center (NDRC) to help the government assess the extent of damage caused by the storm. 

Volunteers are also in a race to collect water samples in a country that is one of the most water-scarce places on Earth. 

Sri Lankan volunteers are collecting water in a river, in a remote area of the island, in order to help with the assessment of the damage caused during the SuperStorm Haiyan, in Srinagar, India, September 25, 2019. 

A massive flood is pictured in a street in Sarnath, India during Superstorm Typhoon Haiyan. 

While the scale of the flooding and the loss of life is shocking, many of these volunteers are hopeful for the future. 

“I am hoping for the country to be stronger in the future,” said Suresh Kumar, a 24-year-old volunteer in Sree Narayana University (SNU) who was part of the effort to collect the samples. 

In order to get these samples, volunteers need to find a location in the mountains where they can go for at least 20 minutes. 

At the moment, most of the volunteers can only find waterfalls. 

There is one location in an area of Sree Siva, a mountain near Srinang that is particularly prone to flooding, but this is very difficult for volunteers to get there, according to Suresh. 

As a result, many volunteers have been looking for waterfalls around the area, where they said that they have not found any waterfalls in the past few days. 

This has led to some confusion among the volunteers, as some have mistakenly assumed that all of the waterfalls are located in the mountain. 

But, in reality, waterfalls can be found anywhere in the country, according Srinav. 

According to the SRI International Disaster Risk Reduction and Mitigation Network (SRIIRDN), there are approximately 100 waterfalls located in Sreesail, Kalyan, and Chitradurga in Tamil Nadu, the states where the Superstorms Haiyan and Typhoon Vadu struck. 

Currently, there are over 6,000 waterfalls within the six states, SRIRDN Director of Policy Development, Ramesh Kumar told NBC News. 

 As the storm hit, the government had promised that it would provide aid to the affected regions. 

However, the efforts of the government to provide aid has only been effective in the area of areas affected by the Supercyclones Haiyan-Vadu. 

Due to the lack of access to water, many people, including some children, were left without access to safe drinking water. 

Water has been flowing in the streets of Srinampura, the city where the storm came ashore, for the past two weeks, but it is not enough to drink, and there are no signs of the local authorities distributing water, said Srisan Kumar, a volunteer. 

When we have access to fresh water, it is only for five minutes, he added. 

People are suffering because they don’t have any drinking water, he said. 

Meanwhile, many have expressed their anger over the lack to receive clean drinking water and have demanded that the government provide them with water in order for them to drink it. 

Many of the affected areas are home to people who are disabled, including children. 

Children who are unable to get drinking water have been asked to leave their homes in the affected districts and seek help from people from the affected communities, Kumar said.

People have also demanded that authorities fix the water pipes to ensure the flow of water into the homes, which would help in their drinking water supply. 

Although most of Sreesabhanga, the village where the water falls, is on the island of Chitravira, the area has been heavily affected by floods. 

Around 500 families have been relocated from Sreesabanjara to Chitraigur, which is

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