What happens when you’re out on the streets?

The Toronto Star reports that an Ontario woman who lost her job last year after being out of work for more than six months had to pay $2,200 for a legal fee.

The woman, who was working as a nanny, was told by her employer that she needed to pay for a lawyer to handle the matter.

“It’s a very long and expensive legal process,” she said, according to the Star.

“You’re not going to be able to afford that.”

The Star reports: When her lawyer was called to the office to represent her, the woman said she could not afford to pay, and asked for a $2-million-dollar lump sum to cover the costs of her legal fees.

She was told she had to provide the money by March 31 to avoid being forced to repay the money.

“I asked for the money, but they said it would take time to pay the legal fees and to get the paperwork in the mail,” the woman told the Star, adding that she also had to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

“And that was before they had my name on it.”

The woman said that she had not heard of any other cases where people have been forced to pay out of pocket for legal fees, and that she was not aware of any case in which someone else had been forced out of employment.

Toronto lawyer Paul Dolan, who represented the woman in her lawsuit, told the Toronto Sun the situation was “completely unprecedented.”

He told the paper that the woman had filed the lawsuit because she was upset with her employer.

“This is not a routine issue, this is not typical,” Dolan said.

“We had to go through the whole process of trying to negotiate a settlement, and she wanted her money back.”

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