Which country has the best beaches?

By the time we got to Sri Lanka, I knew it was going to be rough.

I had already seen the devastation in neighbouring Maldives.

My friend and I had been to the Maldives in the spring of 2017 to take a photo of a group of tourists, a couple of whom we had met earlier that year in a popular tourist spot, when a helicopter crashed into the sea and the bodies of all the tourists on board were recovered.

The crash was not reported in Sri Lanka at the time.

There had been two previous crashes on the island.

The first happened in March 2015, when two men were killed when their helicopter crashed in the Gulf of Aden.

A week later, a second crash occurred when a tourist boat carrying about 70 people capsized while attempting to make a ferry journey from the island of Palu to the nearby island of Chittagong.

In both cases, rescue operations were complicated and the survivors were not immediately identified.

This time, there were only five people on board.

The weather was very rough.

I had only been to Sri Lankan waters a few times before.

I knew that the waters were treacherous and that the waves were heavy.

It was also my first time seeing the island from above, and so, as I took pictures, I had to adjust my camera gear to get the shot of the water.

We arrived at a beach with an island in the middle.

One of the guys was wearing a T-shirt with a picture of Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister and Prime Minister of Maldives Mahinda Rajapaksa.

He was wearing sunglasses and a dark jacket.

As I had taken the photo of the waves, he started to take photos with his phone.

He said, ‘If I am the prime minister of the Maldivian government, I will have to wear sunglasses to get these shots.

We are not allowed to wear the glasses because they are dangerous.’

I did not want to go out to the beach, so I was trying to calm him down.

He told me he was not going to put on sunglasses.

He kept taking photos, then asked if I wanted to take some more pictures.

He looked like he was in pain.

I asked him if I could take a picture with my phone, and he replied, ‘OK, I’ll take the picture with you, but you can not use my phone to take the pictures.’

I asked if he would like to give me a selfie, and that he would be more than happy to give a selfie with my camera.

I told him that I would be happy to take his picture.

When he was done taking his pictures, he turned around and took a selfie in front of the island he had just photographed.

That is when we decided to stop.

I did not like the thought of taking pictures with my phones.

I thought it would be embarrassing, embarrassing for my family.

I had only taken one picture with a phone.

I didn’t want to do that again.

I felt that this would be too embarrassing.

I kept looking at the beach and the waves.

The water was just too high.

It was very hard to take pictures of the beach from above.

I looked at the waves and said, I have to do something, but I cannot do this.

I was scared to death of losing my photos.

I could not do it.

I said, if you give me permission, I would take these photos, but they are going to get ruined.

At the end of the day, I did what I had done before.

On my way back to my hotel, I noticed that there was a large crowd of tourists on the beach.

I got off the plane and walked back to the hotel, trying to be inconspicuous.

People were still coming up to take selfies with their phones.

There was a woman standing in the queue.

I turned around to ask her what she was doing there.

She said, this is the beach party.

She was just standing there, and I did see a few men walking around.

Everyone was talking, laughing, laughing.

I started to get really anxious.

Then, I looked down and saw that I had missed my opportunity to take more photos.

The sun was just coming up over the sea, so the sun was shining.

I realised I was going back to a beach party instead of a wedding.

Back on the plane, I felt terrible.

I just wanted to get back to Chittago.

I wanted to see the beaches.

I wanted a good beach party and go out there and relax.

The thought of having to take these pictures was just terrible.

My friend said, don’t worry about it.

We have to relax.

We will be back soon.

You are invited to visit Sri Lanka and Maldives, but only if you are an expat and have a good social life.

You will be welcomed to come and enjoy the beautiful natural beauty of Sri Lanku

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