Why are women underrepresented in the oil and gas sector?

Aieec, a leading provider of environmental services, has a new opportunity to transform the way women are seen in the energy industry.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Stephanie Aiescke, spoke at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where she spoke about her new company’s plans to increase the number of female staff.

“As we look to the future, our goal is to have at least 50 percent female staff on the boards,” Dr Aiescake said.

“The challenge in the industry is that, unfortunately, we still have a very small percentage of female CEOs in the world.”

Aiescale’s business model is based around a partnership between Aiec and other companies, which means the company is able to offer a number of benefits for women.

The new plan will see the company work with companies to create a range of initiatives that will help boost the representation of women in the sector.

These include an annual diversity award for companies that have made an effort to improve the representation levels of their female staff and a women-focused mentoring programme.

Dr Aiecake told New Scientist that she hopes that the partnership will “build on the success of the award programme”.

The awards will be awarded to the companies that are “doing the right thing, which is to build female representation in the boardrooms”.

One of the companies Dr Ariececke is working with is Tohu, a company in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Tohunys CEO, Sanjeev Jadhav, shared his thoughts on the partnership, saying that his company is “trying to be more inclusive” and will support Tohune’s efforts to increase female representation.

“We will build partnerships and we will provide resources,” Mr Jadhavan said.

Dr Jadhava also highlighted the fact that women have a disproportionate role in the management of oil and natural gas companies in India.

“In the oil industry, about 60 percent of the oil extraction is done by women,” Dr Jatha said.

Aieccke’s new partnership with Tohuna will see women working with other companies in the global energy sector to help “strengthen the pipeline of women”.

“I know that a woman will never be able to take that step alone,” Dr. Aiescike said in the interview.

“But if we work together with TOHU, we will be able have a more positive impact on the pipeline.

It’s about creating a positive pipeline of talent and knowledge to the oil fields.”

The partnership with other oil and energy companies will also help with the organisation of workshops and workshops for women in order to create “a more positive pipeline”.

Tohuns work will also be supported by the New Energy Finance Corporation, which aims to help companies to increase their female representation on their boards.

This organisation is currently running a pilot project in which it is looking to “make a difference” by offering mentoring programmes for women, helping them “to realise their potential”.

Dr. Jadhawan said that he is excited about working with Dr Aiegcek on the new initiative, and hopes that this new partnership will help increase the representation in oil and the gas sector.

“She is a brilliant person, and I’m excited to work with her on this initiative,” he said.

This article was first published on the New Scientist website on 28 February 2017.

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