What happens when you’re out on the streets?

The Toronto Star reports that an Ontario woman who lost her job last year after being out of work for more than six months had to pay $2,200 for a

How to be a smart millennial and change the world

“I’ve had a lot of good moments in my life, but none of them are what I wanted them to be.”That’s how Empowerment Youth founder and CEO David DeJesus describes

CNBC’s John Stumpf to resign over ‘false and misleading’ claims on JCI

CNBC’s J.C. Johnson is set to resign from the network after it was revealed he falsely claimed the bank was “on track to deliver a record $20 billion return” in

How to help flood relief and Bizmeet in Bangladesh

In the capital Dhaka, crowds have turned out to help victims of the devastating floods.The Bangladeshi government is seeking the aid of hundreds of thousands of people who have registered

Which QB will the Titans take at No. 4?

The Titans will likely keep one quarterback off the roster after they announced Thursday that Zach Mettenberger would miss the remainder of the regular season after tearing his ACL.That’s the

How to become a better flood victim

Volunteer organizations have a way of showing the world what you can do to help.It’s what makes us so valuable.In an age of global warming and global catastrophe, we are

Why Sri Lanka needs a Sri Lanka Day – Aiesec

By Nayan Nair article Posted November 24, 2019 09:17:33Today, Sri Lanka is celebrating its second year of its Independence Day.A day that will take place on the second Friday of

How to get the best of both worlds: A day trip to Sri Lanka to meet a few celebs and meet Sri Lankans

The days of traveling to the United States to meet celebrities are almost over.That means it’s time to travel to Sri Lankan shores.But, as many of you may know, there’s

How to watch Bizmeet: Sri Lanka vs. India

Sri Lanka has a bye in this World Cup, which means it has a good chance of going through.The tournament is set to kick off on June 3 in England,

The future of Indian business in China?

India’s economic fortunes in China have shifted since the global financial crisis of 2008, but its fortunes in terms of business are also shifting.The Indian economy is not growing fast

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